The Switchboard Upgrade That Could Save Your Home

A switchboard is a device that connects the house by directing electricity from one central source to different parts of the house. If faulty, it affects everything that is connected to power.

You will know it’s time to replace your switchboard when:

  • Lights flicker for no apparent reason.
  • Fuses blow when you use more than a single standard appliance.
  • Fuses blow more often than they should and again for no reason
  • The switchboard is as old as your 40-year old house, and the fuse are ceramic.


Reasons For A Switchboard Upgrade


Seeing as the switchboard is the control panel of your home, you will need to pay attention to it by having a professional look at it at least once every year. The older it gets, the more regular you should make those checks. Why is an upgrade inevitable?


Donkey Work


Back in the day, homes did not have too many power outlets, and so the control panel was not overworked. These days, too many devices are run using electricity, and so the panel should always be at its best to deliver sufficient energy. Older models were not designed to handle that much work, and so they are incompetent.


Safety Switch


This feature allows you to restore electricity or cut supply when need be. Older models do not have it, and so they have to be swapped with newer ones.




Older models use replaceable wires on the fuses, which makes them susceptible to fire. They are a hazard that should be replaced with newer technology.


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