Smoke Alarm Inspection Could Save Your Life

When did you last have a professional conduct a smoke alarm inspection? If you cannot remember the last time you did, then you are in violation of the Building regulation.
Smoke detectors are lifesavers, seeing as they will raise the alarm when they screen smoke, giving you enough time to leave before the house catches fire. You cannot tell by looking at it whether it is in the best shape, and so you need to have a professional conduct an inspection at least once a year.

Age Of Detector

Some of the telltales that make you want to schedule that check would include the age of the detector. If the sensor is over 5 years old, then maintenance will not be too extensive. Systems over 10 years old are prone to failure due to factors such as humidity, temperature, and wild voltage fluctuations. Those below 5 years old will not be affected by such factors.

Whose Responsibility?

If you live in a rental property, then the Australian government provides that the landlord ensures a comfortable environment by installing and maintaining the smoke alarm detector. You should push them to do it if they fail to at the end of the year, or have them agree to deduct it from your monthly rent if you get the inspection done.

Better Safe Than Sorry

You want to be safe from any happening, and there is no better precaution than installing and inspecting a smoke detector. The process is delicate, and so you may want to hire a Commercial Electrician in Adelaide for the job. They will add you to their calendar and let you know when you are due for maintenance.
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